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About Dave Wolfe Hair Systems
In 1968, Dave Wolfe brought to the Newark area a European technique of Razor Cutting and Men's Hair Styling-The Roffler-Sculptur-Kut. Since then he has traveled and trained with world-renown stylist, Vidal Sasoon, Danial Ruidant, Paul Mitchell and Robert Peirson, just to name a few. 

He himself an award winner, has lectured and trained barbers throughout the United States who have gone on to become award winners in hair styling. 

He has developed shampoos and conditioners containing special herbs, protein, and mineral oil, created natural looking  hair -replacements and techniques for thinning hair, gentle perms and conditioning color. 

The Salon has a casual atmosphere, while still maintaining professionalism. 

You can rest assured that as long as the name Dave Wolfe is on the Salon front, you'll receive the very finest in service, techniques, fashion and grooming aids. 

Visit us often - there's a difference, and you'll appreciate it.